From Stillness To Madness

April means acceleration, when the farm runs from stillness to madness. We began the month in the greenhouse, sowing seeds and potting up seedlings, bringing the space from near emptiness to brimming fullness. We will end in the field: opening the soil, spreading amendments, and preparing to transplant the first of the season’s crops.

April is also a month to start tackling farm projects, a chance to build and clean and sort before work in the field rises to its fever pitch. Two larger projects for this spring are building raised beds for our cut flower operation and setting up a tool shed out in the field to save us from having to walk all the way back to the barn when we need some tool or other supplies. And we have dreams of transforming the barn’s old milk house into an on-farm store where we can sell flower arrangements and extra vegetables and other farm products. In such things, my reach always exceeds my grasp, so it remains to be seen how much of this we get done before summer arrives. But we should be able to do at least some of it.

Above all, this is the month when the soil thaws and dries. When the weather warms enough that it feels good to be outside. When the grayness of March breaks and I can enjoy the light and clear skies of spring. When the trees and fields fill with birdsong. When the daffodils begin to bloom, and the trees bud and leaf out. When our season of expectancy ends and we properly enter the season of rebirth and new life.