Days Between

We’re caught in-between right now, our days swinging from bright, balmy spring promises to cold, gray snow-flecked winter reminders. The fields lie bare and barren, the meadow matted and faded, all the farm littered with winter’s scattered debris.

Yet spring stirs. The light strengthens. Here and there new green growth pushes though the soil–rumors of crocuses and daffodils, garlic and rhubarb. And the other day I heard the high trill of the red-winged blackbird, recently returned from wintering down south, so I know the new season is nigh.

Which means I’d better hop to it. March is the month when I need to finish my season’s planning and start putting those plans into action. For starters, we begin seeding in the greenhouse this week, in my mind the point when the season truly begins, when the year’s wheel begins its long rotation through the farming cycle. It’s good to be here for another go-around.