What This Time Is Like

September is one of my favorite months on the farm. The days grow short, the weather cools, and the end of the season hoves into view. It’s an abundant time, as our days fill with harvesting. It’s a weary time, too, for the same reason. Counterintuitively, it’s also something of an easeful time—by now, most things that were going to go wrong, have already gone wrong, so my anxiousness dials down as the days pass. And, so, this is something of a hopeful time, as I have room in my head to dream about what could be possible next season. Of course, it’s a beautiful time, too, with the goldenrod and the rudbeckia and the asters and all the other late-summer flowers in full bloom. Above all, it’s a thankful time, for all the previous reasons, and for so much more.