Before Winter Arrives

What a string of lovely fall days we’ve had. It’s been a gift to have such good weather to wrap up the final few farm jobs that need to happen before winter arrives.

The most important of these was planting the garlic for next season. We had the perfect break in the weather the last week of October, when the soil dried out just enough to plant. And then last week we had a nice warm and sunny day to spread the straw mulch to protect the garlic over the winter. I always breathe easier once I know that those little cloves are tucked away safe and sound, waiting for spring.

With that task crossed off, I have turned my attention to all the end-of-season cleaning and stowing and storing. Making sure everything is put away now is an investment I make in my sanity come spring. And each fall I also make time to plant some things that will make the farm more beautiful the following season and for years to come. This year I did that by planting one hundred crocus bulbs, plus a few stargazer lilies, a task I wrapped up just today.

And each day, the light grows shorter, the temperature drops further, and the farm empties a little bit more. The place is beginning to draw into itself, preparing for the winter cold and snow. As am I.