Summer Swelter

This week looks like a scorcher, with high temperatures and high humidity pushing the heat index into dangerous territory. So my priority becomes making sure everything and everyone stays well hydrated—crops, ducks, chickens, cats, and, especially, the crew. While there’s a full slate of work to do, we’re just going to have to downshift our expectations of what’s possible in this summer swelter. I don’t want anyone going down with heat exhaustion.

It helps to know that this weather will pass. We’re on the cusp of September, after all, and the glorious golden days of fall. Which is not to say that these late summer days aren’t full of their own satisfactions. Not just the good things to eat coming out of the field—all the tomatoes and sweet and hot peppers and squash and zucchini and the rest of the summer fruits—but also the way the days are lush and languid and full of life and light and heat, treasures to gather and store up against the coming winter’s siege.