Hungry For Another Season

Over the past couple of months, I have been watching the farm wake from its long winter’s sleep: red-winged blackbirds chattering from their perches in the bare trees, spring peepers chorusing in the farm’s vernal pond, migrating sandhill cranes drifting above the fields, daffodils pushing through the soil and bursting into bloom, and on and on, a myriad of signs and wonders announcing the arrival of the new farming season.

The farm work has been accelerating accordingly. Right now my attention is mainly in the greenhouse, seeding and potting up the plants both for the CSA harvest as well as for our spring vegetable and herb plant sales. Very soon, I will be out in the field preparing the soil for planting in May, when the velocity of the work rises exponentially. And then, come June, our weekly CSA pick-ups begin.

After a season away from the CSA, I am eager to come back to it, to reconnect with our returning members and to welcome our new ones. And after the long, dark winter, I am hungry for another season of deliciousness and delight. I hope our members are too.