No Time Like the Present

This warmer weather of the past few days has, finally, given us a taste of spring. Farm planning and seeding are well under way and will only accelerate from here.

Because the farm here is in its early years — under our care, at least — developing infrastructure is vital to its future success. We are fortunate in many ways. The old barn (circa 1908) is in pretty good shape, all things considered, and our new-to-us 1950s tractor will make this season so much easier. And we have a cooler now, and a tiller, and all sorts of tools to make the field work manageable. But in each of these first few years, the infrastructure needs remain: from the small — tomato stakes and nursery pots — to the large — a wash station and a greenhouse.

We know that these things will come in time, as the CSA grows and our financial capacity increases, but it does make planning for each season unnervingly unpredictable, since we don’t often know well in advance how many members we will welcome in any given year. So we base the budget largely on hope, good planning, and just a touch of worry for good measure. It’s an adventure, after all, right?

Should you be thinking of joining us for the season, there is no time like the present. We would love to welcome you on this adventure with us.