We now sit midway between solstice and equinox, so, astronomically speaking, we’re already halfway to spring. Back in the day, when auguries were assigned to animals, somebody in ancient Europe decided the badger’s behavior on this day determined when winter would break. In the move to the New World, someone for some reason transferred this office to the groundhog; hence our Groundhog Day celebrations.

As a rule, I take a dim vim view of prognosticating rodents, but I will affirm there is something to noting this hinge between winter and spring. Like clockwork, come the first days of February, I start itching to launch again into the old cycle of sowing and reaping. In fact, the new season has been underway for a few weeks now. I placed my seed order in early January to avoid having key varieties backordered, and I calculated my potting soil needs by early February so that it is delivered in time for seeding the first week of March.

Making these arrangements so far in advance does take a measure of faith, because I won’t know how if I reach my goal number of CSA shares until May. So I order assuming that I make that mark, and I hope for the best.